Empty Nester Program

Are you finding yourself wandering through empty rooms? Rooms full memories and more 'stuff' than you know what to do with? Is there too much space for the two of you? Are you tired of cleaning the areas you don't use?

Are you thinking of downsizing and finding another space that's just right for the two of you? Or maybe it's just one of you! Mike's Empty Nester Program is just what you need!!  This new service offers the following to help make this difficult transition smooth and hassle-free!


1. DE-CLUTTER -  Our professional will help you figure out what to do with all that "stuff" that has accumulated over the years* - what to keep, what to give away and even what to trash. This service also includes delivery of selected items to a second-hand shop.           *8 hour limit


 2. HOME STAGING - Having a professional eye take a look at your     rooms can make a big difference. Often just re-arranging the   furniture, removing some items and changing around some wall   decor came make the room more inviting and even seem larger.


3. HOUSECLEANING: After decluttering and staging, your home will need a good cleaning to prepare it for those critical eyes of the potential buyers that will be sure to come once your home is on the market, so we provide this service as well.


Please contact Mike at 306-668-1800 for further details!

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